Orders are only accepted from qualified promotional products distributors.

  1. General Disclaimer:

    Samsill Corporation cannot be held liable for any delays in product availability or in order delivery due to shipping, customs, weather delays, or natural disasters. We reserve the right to make product enhancements to improve quality and/or performance. If you need your order produced more quickly than standard lead times, please contact your customer service representative. We reserve the right to refuse any order at our sole discretion.

  2. Above Catalog Quantity Pricing:

    Contact by phone (800.255.1100), fax (817.535.6900), or e-mail (samsillpromo@samsill.com) for a written quote.

  3. Acknowledgements:

    Order acknowledgements are sent via e-mail or fax upon receipt of Purchase Order. It is important to review order acknowledgements closely and to contact the factory immediately with any corrections or changes.

  4. Authorization and Indemnification of Order:

    By placing an order with Samsill Promo, your company represents and warrants that it has the authority to order, purchase and distribute merchandise containing the names, trademarks, logos, copyrights, insignias and other marks, drawings and designations identified in your order. Your company shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Samsill Corporation and its affiliates and representatives from and against all claims, liabilities and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of or related to an actual or alleged infringement or misappropriation of any trademark, copyright or any other proprietary right involved in such merchandise order. This provision will remain legally binding and shall survive delivery of your order.

  5. Bar Coding:

    Bar coding (via label) is available upon request. $0.35 (G) per label will be charged.

  6. Blank Product:

    Orders are restricted to in-stock, finished goods and will be priced at EQP. Returns of blank goods will incur a 20% restocking fee.
    Leather Items: Due to natural variations of leather, the color, texture and imprint of these finished goods may vary. No returns or credits will be authorized. No exceptions. These items are subject to availability.

  7. Cancellations:

    All order cancellations must be submitted in writing. No verbal cancellations will be accepted. All applicable charges incurred for production completed prior to receiving written notice of cancellation will be invoiced. In addition, a $50.00 (G) cancellation charge may apply.

  8. Catalog Changes:

    Product prices, sizes, capacities, weights, colors, and other specifications are subject to change without notice. For most current information, refer to www.samsillpromo.com.

  9. Catalog Illustrations:

    Product colors and materials may vary from photography and printed images. When exact material and colors are critical, sample orders are encouraged prior to placing your order. All artwork, logos and imprints shown in this publication are for demonstration purposes only and are not for resale. All trademarks, logos and brand marks used in this catalog belong solely to their respective owners. They are neither intended to imply endorsement by their respective owners nor to imply such products are produced for these brands.

  10. Closeout Items:

    Closeout items are available on a first come, first served basis. Current closeout information is available at www.samsillpromo.com. Submission of incomplete orders, order changes or proofing delays could result in reduced inventory availability for your order.

  11. Color Assortment (Product):

    Products available in multiple colors can be assorted at no additional charge. ½ first column quantities are the minimum for each color.

  12. Color Changes (Imprint):

    All imprint color changes will incur a new set-up charge unless each color change is for the minimum order quantity.

  13. Co-op Pricing:

    Co-op pricing may be available for items featured in printed materials or on company-specific websites; contact the factory for limitations and pricing. All co-ops must be pre-approved and registered by the factory. All co-ops require the use of an assigned co-op number on all resulting orders.

  14. Copy Changes:

    All copy changes will incur a new set-up charge of $ 60.00 (G) for each change.

  15. CPSIA:

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA), increasing the regulation of lead content contained in products intended for or marketing toward children 12 years and younger. Children’s products can be considered to be any products with packaging, promotions, or advertising that portrays the product as appropriate for children 12 years and younger. All of Samsill’s products are intended for adult business marketing purposes. If any of our items are ordered with the intent of distributing to children under the age of 12, please include that information on your purchase order. We are capable of meeting the requirement under the CPSIA and can meet labeling requirements, but we must be informed of the intended use at the time of order. It is the distributor’s sole responsibility to notify Samsill prior to shipment that the item(s) are to be distributed or marketed to children under the age of 12. This published statement holds Samsill harmless from all liability for any alleged CPSIA violations. This includes all costs associated with defending any legal claims due to any alleged violations.

  16. Credit Guidelines:

    Some orders may require prepayment of all or part of the order. Contact the factory for details.

  17. Credits:

    Any unused/unclaimed credits will expire after 12 months.

  18. Drop Shipments:

    We will happily drop ship your order for you. There will be a drop shipment charge per shipment of $ 10.00 (G). A list of recipients must be provided in Excel format prior to production.

  19. Environmental Policy:

    Samsill Corporation has committed to partner with companies who have environmental initiatives. Teaming with sustainable companies allows Samsill to combine similar goals and objectives to create an end product that is environmentally friendly and economically affordable. Current suppliers provide Samsill with recycled packaging content, printing with soy based inks on unbleached boards, and 100% recycled paperboard. These products and efforts keep energy costs down and create a stronger product, while reducing the use of harmful chemicals. Additionally, Samsill has redesigned packaging and shipping materials to eliminate waste while saving overhead and production costs.

  20. Exact Quantity:

    Orders requiring an exact quantity with No Overs and/or Unders will incur a $35.00 (G) charge. No exceptions.

  21. In-Hands Date:

    Please note any specific “in-hands” date on your purchase order. If the in-hands date requires faster-than-standard production time, please contact your customer service representative before sending your PO.

  22. Insertion:

    Samsill will insert your items for $0.50 (G) per item.

  23. Inventory:

    In the unlikely event we lack the inventory needed to support your order and/or deadline, we will work with you to attempt to provide an acceptable solution.

  24. Lead Time – Standard:

    Items will ship in 14 days (most catalog products) or 21 days. All items will be shipped 14-21 business days from confirmation of inventory, receipt of complete purchase order, licensing approval, production-ready artwork, receipt of any die-cuts or special materials needed and with credit in good standing. Orders requiring paper or product proofs will require additional lead time. Orders are not considered production-ready until all proofs are approved, signed and returned to the factory. Optional/upgraded imprinting may require additional days. Orders confirmed after 11am CST will the have the 14 or 21 days start the next day.

  25. Less than Minimum:

    Orders for less than catalog minimum quantities are acceptable with a $ 35.00 (G) charge. No orders for less than ½ first column quantities will be accepted. Less than minimum orders are restricted to standard imprints. Optional and upgraded imprints may not be available.

  26. New Accounts:

    New accounts may be required to prepay their first order. Contact the factory to establish open credit terms.

  27. Order Acceptance/Refusal:

    All orders are subject to factory acceptance/refusal. Samsill Corporation reserves the right to refuse any order at its sole discretion.

  28. Order Acknowledgements:

    See “Acknowledgements”.

  29. Orders Valued at $ 2500 or More:

    All orders of $ 2500.00 or more may require a preproduction proof. Production will not begin without an approved preproduction proof. Other orders may require a preproduction proof at the factory’s discretion. No exceptions.

  30. Overs/Unders:

    Per industry standards, Samsill Corporation reserves the right to invoice and ship 5% over/under the quantity ordered. Invoices will reflect the actual quantity shipped. Any order requiring No Overs/Unders or specifying Exact Quantity will be invoiced $35.00 (G). No credits will be issued for quantities shipped over/under unless otherwise stated on the original purchase order. Please refer to the “Exact Quantity” policy.

  31. Payment:

    We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. All payments must be made in US Funds. There is a 3.5% surcharge for all orders paid by credit card with the exception of Debit Cards. All credit card orders are charged for the initial balance (total unit cost and set up fees) upon order entry and any overs or freight will be charged when the order ships. There will be a $ 30.00 fee on all returned checks. Finance charges not to exceed 1.5% per month will accrue on all past due balances. Accounts requiring collection will be liable for all collection costs incurred, including fees and expenses.

  32. Phone/Verbal Orders:

    Orders must be submitted via purchase order in writing via mail, e-mail or fax. Phone/verbal orders will not be accepted. No exceptions.

  33. PMS Color Match – Free:

    For color matching, please provide a PMS color reference including coated, uncoated, or matte indicator. PMS Color Matches will be free of charge. Please refer to the Decoration Guides for standard imprint colors. An exact PMS color match is not guaranteed. An additional white underlay imprint may be required to provide close to a PMS match or to attain vibrant colors on some items. If required, an additional color run charge will be invoiced.

  34. Pricing:

    All prices are subject to change without notice. Every attempt to honor published pricing will be made. Pricing is effective 1/1/19-12/31/19. For immediate verification and current pricing please contact customer service or visit www.samsillpromo.com.

  35. Product Safety:

    Samsill Corporation has a comprehensive product safety program which includes pre-approval of suppliers. New products are subjected to a wide range of tests of raw materials, imprint inks, foils, laminates, and components to ensure they are safe for use and are of good design with minimal use of loose components and/or dangerous edges or surfaces.

  36. Proofs:

    Virtual proofs and paper proofs are available at no charge. Product proofs may be required for all orders of $ 2500.00 or more. Proofs require a 4-8 hour lead time. See Artwork Requirements.

  37. Prop 65:

    Prop 65 is a law that was passed in California in 1986. It states that products containing one or more of approximately 800 common substances may cause cancer or reproductive harm. This law also states that any company that delivers these products to addresses in California MUST place a warning on the product, usually in the form of a sticker. Proposition 65 does NOT ban any product from being sold, it only requires a warning to the consumer.
    What is the risk level? For a chemical that causes cancer, the “no significant risk level” is defined as the level of exposure that would result in not more than one excess case of cancer in 100,000 individuals exposed to the chemical over a 70-year lifetime. In other words, a person exposed to the chemical at the “no significant risk level” for 70 years would not have more than a “one in 100,000” chance of developing cancer as a result of that exposure.
    If you are a customer receiving a product in California and you have concerns about a product containing the Prop 65 warning, please inquire about the product you are purchasing before ordering. For more information on Prop 65, please visit http://www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65.html

  38. Repeat Orders:

    Repeat orders placed within 18 months of the last order date will not incur new set-up charges* provided the prior purchase order, work order number and invoice number, along with a reference copy of artwork, is provided when imprint is duplicated exactly and to size using the same imprint method as on the original order. *Orders utilizing non-standard imprint methods will incur a new set-up charge. Applicable run charges will be charged for repeat orders.

  39. Returns:

    Please inspect all orders carefully upon receipt. No returns will be accepted after 30 days from the ship date. All returned product must be pre-authorized and shipped with RMA (Return Materials Authorization) clearly indicated on outside of packaging. Product must be returned in good condition. Sample returns are not available. No credits will be issued for returned samples. To obtain an RMA, contact customer service with the purchase order number or the original invoice number. Returns for blank items will incur a 20% restocking fee.

  40. Samples:

    Random, blank, speculative, virtual and pre-production samples are available with a written order.

    Random samples will ship with available colors and imprints. Swatches or blank samples of specified colors may be provided when color requested is not available. Orders requesting a specific color and/or a specific imprint cannot be processed as random sample orders. Orders of $15.00 (G) or less will not be invoiced if a shipping account number is provided. Contact your sales consultant for proposals and sample needs.

    Blank samples are available for most items shown in this catalog. Random and blank sample orders placed on standard business days by 10:00 am CST will be shipped same day. Maximum order quantity for blank or random sample orders is 3. Standard pricing for samples will be EQP less 25% plus shipping (to avoid shipping charges, please provide a shipping account number). Orders of $15.00 (G) or less will not be invoiced if a shipping account number is provided.

    Speculative (Spec) samples will be invoiced for item cost, set-up and any optional imprint run charges at EQP less 25% plus shipping (to avoid shipping charges, please provide shipping account number). Spec sample lead time will be 5-7 days with production-ready order for standard imprint methods – lead time may increase with upgraded decorating options. Invoiced set-up charges will be waived on resulting orders when the exact art/imprint is used.

    Pre-production samples may be required with orders of $ 2500.00 or more (see information under “Orders Valued at $ 2500 or More”) and are available with other orders. Samples will be billed with all applicable set-up charges. Production orders will be placed on hold until sample is approved (production days begin after approval). At Samsill Corporation’s sole discretion, some orders may require pre-production samples.

  41. Set-Up Charges:

    Set-up charges will be applied to all orders. See specific product pages for item set-up charges. Additional decorating set-up charges of $55.00 (screen print) or $65.00 (deboss or foil stamp) will be added for additional decorations, colors, or locations for screen print, foil stamp or deboss. $65.00 covers dies up to 16 square inches. Call for quotes or large die sizes.

  42. Shipping:

    The standard shipping method for all orders is FedEx Ground unless otherwise noted on the purchase order. If a shipping method is not specified, the factory will use its best judgment in selecting a shipping carrier and method to meet your deadline. Samsill cannot guarantee method of shipment. For Drop Shipment information, please see “Drop Shipments”. Please refer to the Shipping & Handling Information found in the Special Charges section.

  43. Special Packaging:

    Special packaging options are available. Contact customer service for more information and charges..

  44. Standard Imprints:

    All items include a standard imprint. See specific product pages for details.

  45. Terms:

    Standard terms are Net 30 with approved credit.